SupaJam Music


Tupelo are an exciting, original, acoustic roots act consisting of an eclectic line-up of instruments which includes banjo,...

Turn off the Sun

Modern Alternative Rock that wears it's heart on it's sleeve.

Twinkle & The Sluts

This band is a four piece female fronted group that fuse elements of bands such as Siouxsie and The Banshees and Blondie,...

Twisted Piglet

A pulsating mix of Keyboard, Drums & Guitar mixed with verve, passion who’s songs and energetic performance are sure to leave...


''An intriguing mix of rock / groove sounds, seasoned with a blend of slow and deep psychedelic atmospheres'' ....Up to date,...

Tyrannosaurus Alan

7 piece punk rock hip hop band with a 4 piece horn section. over 700 gigs and 3 years of touring.


Formed in late 2008, Tyro is the culmination of old friends, ex band mates and a hung-over drive home from a wedding. Since...


Vote for the coolest Band in Spain, electro rock influenced by artist like Depeche Mode


"Astonishingly well-observed resurrection of late-period psychedelia party anthems pomped up through a glam-rock filter"...


UnderCityLights is a Harmony lead, melodic rock group who draw on a diverse range of influences, from Bon Jovi and FooFighters,...

Underline The Sky

Currently 4 actual members of the band. Female fronted rock.



Uniform Motion

Uniform Motion is an illustrated indie-folk band combining music with visual arts created by Andy Richards and Renaud Forestie...


Catchy guitar riffs, creative drum work, great harmonies and sing-a-long melody lines.


Sounds from the deep of our bright hearts and dark souls

Unquiet Nights

Unquiet Nights are a band with big ideas, big songs, and a big sound. With roots in Belfast and flavoured in London and Rome,...

Up Down Go Machine

Three Piece Live act. Great enthusiasm and energy on stage. Tight and catchy melodies with a over all powerful sound.


from the depth's of Wales comes a new revolution in hip hop. This track, as the others, is self written and produced. lock...


In 2006, some friends got together to have fun doing what they liked doing most: making music. Rapidly, they started writing...


UXL are the Tierney brothers John, PJ and Paul from Birmingham and friend Dan Clark from Wolverhampton. They’re described by...