SupaJam Music


pyschedelic rock/soul/ band from Waterford. Ireland http://www.soundcloud.com/thedeadheavys


Big Maybe is the catchiest tune ever, a nice blend of Indie Rock and britpop. produced by Phil Vinall known for working with...


& bass band hailing from Manchester, UK. Writing tracks live as they play, they provide audiences with styles varying from...



The [New] Shining

The [New] Shining is an ambitious 3-piece heavy rock band, set up in the summer of 2006. The [New] Shining is: Nax: vocals...

the zoo

4 piece rock band with riffs to spare

The Yossarians

Spawned from a much larger eclectic collective we believe in 'motion', travelling the world with our own drive and purpose....

The Yellhounds

A plaintive fable, a song born on city streets at the break of dawn, a gutsy holler for respite, carnival music

The Yardangs

Years at cementing a love for music. Some of them, connected to electricity, between cables and broken drumsticks, with ideas...

The Words

Manchester based artist signed to Phoenixx Records and debut album due out in July this year. Music has received national...

The Words

The Words are a 4 piece indie band based in Manchester who are developing an exciting reputation as one of the top unsigned...

The Woodbines

5 piece trad/fusion band who provide the unique blend of pop/punk rythm section with Irish taditional music

The Woo!worths

"Like a very up for it Hot Chip getting down with a synthed up Talking Heads and a less wibbly wobbly MGMT…..all too good"

The Wishbones

The Wishbones are a 3 piece Folk/Bluegrass band from the New Forest. Using an array of traditional acoustic instruments they...

The Winter Hill Transmission

The Winter Hill Transmission began life as a solo project, a handful of acoustic demos written and recorded in a Tyneside flat...

The Whyrus

The Whyrus is a Swedish metal band, formed in the fall of 2008. Inspired by Metalcore, Nu Metal and Alternative Metal. The...

The Whisky Jax

Whisky Jax are a young band from Peterborough who've already picked up great interest from fans and journalists alike in the...

The Way Home

Home grown band moulded under city lights, fusing the vital ingredients of classic rock, soul and country into a compelling and...

The Wax Dramatic

The Wax Dramatic mix soundscapes with catchy and memorable riffs, driving basslines and they even use elements of electronic...

The Wavemen

A singer with one hand, a wild band, and lyrics only drunks or poets can understand

The Watermelons

Indie pop band writing catchy song