SupaJam Music


Beat heavy electronica with serious bass overtones - a twisted fusion of breaks, techno, electro and insanity that was born and...

August Hayes/Solo Outings

A songwriter in, IN and a lyricist of unusual depth. August Hayes/Solo Outings band are: Emma Ellis (vocal), August Hayes...

Aunty Doubles

"Aunty Doubles play indie like they were born to it - Real, fresh, and sharp" - GooNite Club, Highbury, London UK

Austin/White (Navaro)

Steve Austin and Pete White are the songwriters behind acclaimed roots act, Navaro. Together with uk Country singer Beth Navaro...

Autonomous I

Since forming years and years ago in a dark damp community hall in Tipperary, Autonomous i have been honing their songwriting...

Autumn Few

3 Piece rock outfit from the Garden of England

Avenge Vulture Attack



We formed in early 2010 and released our first EP in March of the same year. You can found our our Latest release for free on...


Born in North London to a family of musos, thesps and artists, little Axe was brought up on a healthy diet of Bowie, Beatles...

axis mundi

Psychedelic raverock quintet from the Midlands. Bringing rave to the rock stage

Aye Aye

& Mark Ronson. http://www.myspace.com/ayeayeemitesonidos

Ayesha V Jeffreys

Rockin' live country twangy blues, sweet n' sticky sexy soul, n' a little bit of lyrical down home alt country thrown in for...


"There’s something more to B U I L_D I N G S sound, and that is what sets them apart, juxtaposing the crowd pleasing alt rock...

Backseat Angel

Backseat Angel was formed in 2006 at Northumbria University. The band grew in popularity due to their originality, lyrical...

Bad Magic

We formed in 2010, and have played many gigs around the South Coast of England, building up a very supportive fanbase.


Play french rock. Winner on RTL2 and EUROPE2 contest in France. Powerfull, sentimental, generous, true. Enjoy!

Bang Bangs

Bottle Bang Bangs’ passion & energy on stage & you could blow up hell itself. Like Yeah Yeah Yeahs & Pixies wrestling naked in...


Joining determinedly a new musical form, the nude-rumba, where the groove serves as instrument of contesting and as...

Barefoot For Native

A BREATH OF LIFE, with a strong love of harmonies and soulful melodies


Cockshure Kinksy-ness, bluesy bawler. With both respect and disregard for the Queens English in equal measure, I spin yarns of...

Basic Black

Basic Black has formed in 2008, creating several original songs since there making possible the participation in several...