SupaJam Music

Century Man

Century Man, Urgent, insistant, energetic indie. An interview with the band featured in the Dec 30th issue of the NME (see scan...


Ex Brit School Stuent, Good friends with Adele, Allan Rose has everything going for him. 2012 really is going to be his year.

Cavan Moran

The missing link between The Pogues & Arcade Fire. You didn't even know there was one?

Caught In A Crossfire

CAUGHT IN A CROSSFIRE is a 5 peice Portsmouth based Hard hitting punk band that play hard and party hard check it!

Cat O'Connor

Cat O'Connor is a bubbly piano-pop singer/songwriter from Ascot in Berkshire. Having supported "The Rifles" and reaching...

Cat Mouse Cat

United by a shared love of joyous pop songs, Cardiff based Cat Mouse Cat aim to provide sweet and heart-felt ditties through...

Cat Matador

After the success of critically acclaimed 'The Address EP' Cat Matador have had radio presence, more live shows and recently a...

Cast Of Thousands

Europhoric emotion filled musical shards of life

Carrie Haber

A singer/songwriter/pianist that pops. She's fun, dynamic & has worked with a Grammy award winning producer. She's won over...


At a Carpool Conversation gig you would expect to see me playing guitar into a loopstation along with sitar and vocals. I...

Cargo Cult

We are rock band from Exeter. We love to play music. Our EP explains us better than I can. Check it out at:...

Cardinal Jack

Agitated 3 piece indie/rock/dance outfit. Cardinal Jack's music goes BANG, BANG, BANG, SHOUT, BANG, SING, SING, BANG, BANG,...

Captain Dangerous

A maelstrom of indie-rock sincerity, laconic poetry and spine tingling frailty, Captain Dangerous are not a band you can afford...

Canvas Wall

Four guys doing what we love best, we hope you enjoy! 2012 will see our debut album released... hold tight :)

Camille Delean

A Canadian, currently living in London and surroundings. Performs with Ben Walker on guitars.

Calvin Roche Band

We're a 5 piece which produces a soul/pop/blues sound, all studying music at Westminster university

Calvin Prior & The Riderbacks

Calvin Prior is a notorious guitar player within the music industry and has been noted to have have skills way beyond his...


Callel have supported Paolo Nutini, Rooney, (selected to play by the NME ), The Bluetones, Two Door Cinema Club,The Hip Parade,...

Call Off The Search

A dynamic five piece band from the musical city of Liverpool with a genre of Alternative Rock music.


Explosive in every way, from their face-to-face punk rock attitude to their infectious blend of modern anthemic rock with...

California Gypsies

Urban/Indie Rock. Soaring melodies, big rhythms with unique instrumentation. There's a surprise around every corner.