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13th hole

13th HOLE, a mixed French-Italian group [Rennes and Carpi], follower of a kind of American noise culture [Sonic Youth]. 5...


sailaway are from the shouth east, their main aim is just to bring the freshest ides to a saturated industry and keep people...




We like meeting people. Taking what most bands do through social networking and doing it in person!

(8) Soul Band

Great R&R ´ll never end, a brain moondance in two act, easy and strong music, damn brass section blowin the soul away

'til Dusk

After months of rehearsing, a wayward band from southern England became known as 'til Dusk, after they began to notice their...

Ástþór Óðinn

Catchy melodic soothing music, make you feel safe on a trip while the rhymes impresses you word by word.