SupaJam Music

The Watermelons

Indie pop band writing catchy song

The Wasters

The Wasters from Liverpool. We're a four piece Punk Rock band who have already played gigs with the likes of Sham 69,...

The Voyeurist

An eclectic four piece from london, consisting of a french superstar DJ, a philosopher, and two other bones who do the drums...

The Voltz

The Voltz are a four-peice band from Leeds, UK. Their sound has been likened to the classic English guitar bands of the 1960s...

The Viragoes

Fast Pop Rock from Glasgow 5 Piece, The Viragoes: about Love, Loss and Condoms! for more, check www.myspace.com/theviragoes

The Violet May

The Violet May already come with a big reputation after touring the UK, Germany, Italy and Iceland this year, winning...

The Vickers

The Vickers are a rock band and they will blow your mind!

The Vertigos

We're a 5 piece Indie Alternative band from St. Albans, about to release our new ep rubix. Lovvving it

The Vehicles

Raised from the debris of battered vinyl, crumpled CDs and broken tapes!

The Vaudeville Class

These Vaudevillians straddle a tight-rope between genres so that all music fans can come together and enjoy music as it is...

The Vanity Clause

We're a 3 piece electronic band from London, UK with joint male and female vocals specializing in frenzied analogue synth...

The Van Allen Belt

The Van Allen Belt, a group of widespread and pocketed renown, take several diverse musical styles to their penultimate using a...

The Valiant

The Valiant are a 5 piece Metal-core band from Southampton UK, we live for playing shows and we like to rock hard!

The Union Jacks

This song was recorded at Leeders Farm Studios, Norfolk between January - February 2008. It's one of our faster songs and...

The Uglytown

A nervous track from 4 young french boys. You just have to listen.

The TwonEights

THE TWO N EIGHTS sound like the night before the morning after so strap yourself in and enjoy the ride.

The Trade

The Trade are a young 5 piece Rock band who have been making waves in the North East of Scotland.

The Torn

Based in middle England we are a guitar led band backed by powerful energetic rythms. We were born to live on stage. Our music...

The Toniks

The Toniks were formed in September 2007. They have already started to attract management/small label interest just from their...

The Thespians

Liverpool based 4 piece, labelled as 'the UK's answer to The Strokes' and 'Just f**kin cool' by MTV New York