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The Murder of Cows

The Murder of Crows have been together for three years and play a mixture of rock and roll, indie and folk tunes. In 2007 they...

The Mountaineering Club

The Mountaineering Club are an electronic/post rock band who create music best described as widescreen

The Morgans

Brother and Sister duo, The Morgans play original celtic soul. with belting vocals and astounding guitar.

The Moons

The Moons are a UK indie band formed by Andy Crofts ( Paul Wellers keyboard player). The Moons released one album in 2010...

The Moons

The Moons Like ...Tape echo, fuzz , vox continental, mellotrons.

The Monster Ones

Banda de horror punk rock glam de Mallorca, de enérgica propuesta en escenario y varias influencias que se ha hecho un lugar en...

The Monomes

A personal rock and roll sound. Energetic and powerfull performance

the Monomes

A personal rock and roll sound. Energetic and powerfull performance

The Money

The Money: a finely crafted, harmony-driven, slick and stylish indie/rock chorus machine.

The Mispelt

MISPELT representing the underdog and antidote to the Junkfood Generation – No messing straight in there tuneful shouty fem-gob...

The Mirandolas

This is a track from our a latest demo,it has been described as an invigorating display of energy, with punchy beats and...

The Minx

Taking a frenetic mix of styles from the last 50 years of pop’s past with a reputation for great hooks and an explosive live...

The Metropolise

This band make music that you can do stuff to. Whatever, man

The Melophobics

lFrom starting off as a small town band based in Cambridge, England The Melophobics have grown to become one of the most talked...

The Medullary Paralysis

Music begins to atrophy when it departs too far from dance; poetry begins to atrophy when it gets too far from music.

The Marshall Arts Family

"Folk music kicked up the arse." The Marshall Arts Family are a rising star on the London underground music scene, renowned for...


In early 2008, Paul Mates (vocals, guitar), along with his best friend and brother in law, Andrei Prodan (bass), looked for a...

The Manic Shine

Home-schooled on Hendrix, Clapton and Free but in search of a more contemporary sound, guitarist Ozzie Rodgers formed The Manic...

The Magical Blue Orchestra

Timeline: October 2006 Norwegian brothers Jörgen and Andreas form The Magical Blue Orchestra in Hemavan Sweden. They decide to...

The Mademoiselle

The Mademoiselle are a 3 piece alternative band from Glasgow. Comprised of Alaskan principle songwriter, Tyler Collins, and 2...

The Lunar Pilots

The Lunar Pilots are an alternative Rock/Pop band from Essex. Influences stemming from the 70s and 80s through to today's best...