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10 Best Responses to Nickelback's Greatest Hits

It was never going to be a quiet affair...

On November 1st Roadrunner Records put up a post on their UK Facebook page reminding fans that they were releasing The Best of Nickelback Volume 1

The good news is that the 19 song collection includes 'Burn It To The Ground', which was the badass theme tune to WWE Raw for a few years.

The bad news is that it contains 18 other Nickelback songs.

Nah, that's too easy. And 'Never Again' is also a pretty decent generic hard rock song.

Whatever, there's not a lot of exciting news about this announcement unless you're a Nickelback fan. But we had a lot of fun looking through the following post.


There were interesting points, tears, butt-hurt bleatings on both sides, and some cheap insults. Here are the ten best posts that we found in there:


Straight in with fecal matter! Let's not be shy.


Here comes Chad Kroeger's very own white knight with the always-interesting "you do better" type comment. They're big boys, I don't think they need defending.


An old fave.


Calling your first greatest hits compilation 'volume 1' is mighty presumptuous.


Okay, cheating as this is two. But it's a lovely little exchange.


Here's a nice bit of common sense. This is why it's never good to hate too much on popular bands you dislike, because they are probably funding a less popular band that you do like.


We have no idea what Shane Filan (a guy from Westlife or Boyzone), Cats, and java have to do with Nickelback's new album. But all of us here at Supajam would like to join Denise and Clive in wishing Gem an awesome holiday.


Erm, okay. I don't know where to start. Moving on.


We're back onto poo, sort of....


Yes! That is always the best advice. If you don't like something, get something you do like instead. Here's a slab of the new Monster Magnet album, give it a go:

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