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18 year old threatened with prison over angry rap

18 year old threatened with prison over angry rap
People of my generation had an easier life, because when we got annoyed with people at school we wrote shitty poetry in a journal and no one saw it. Now, it’s cheap to record your shitty raps and upload them to Soundcloud, and when Michael Schmitt did that he got arrested, accused of being a school shooter and faces years in prison.
Schmitt knocked out some less than classic lines like “Pull my gun, kill your fuckin' head / Now you're dead, go to sleep," uploaded it, tagged the school in the title and then went on with his life. The school discovered this and went to Defcon Trump, with the cops sending a SWAT team to arrest the rapper. 
The school are clear: an angry student talking about shooting people and mentioning the girls at school: time to take it seriously before it gets out of hand. The rapper claims it was just letting off steam that went wrong. Sadly for him, he also posed with a gun (that he claims is fake) and the web has been invented so he’s in trouble.

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