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20 percent of songs on Spotify are unplayed

20 percent of songs on Spotify are unplayed

Spotify has revealed that 20% of its 20 million songs have never been played.

The music streaming service revealed some usage figures this week to tie in with its fifth anniversary, confirming that 80% of tracks in its library have been streamed at least once - 4 million songs have never been clicked on.

Rihanna was named as Spotify's most played female artist, David Guetta the most played male, and Coldplay the most popular band.

The music streaming service has also announced that its user base has reached 24 million, six million of whom are premium subscribers.

David Byrne doesn't like Spotify, and neither does Thom Yorke, if you hadn't heard. However, , Lars Ulrich LOVES Spotify (and is probably making money from it).

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