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2016's Best selling debut British artist was... Bradley effin' Walsh

2016's Best selling debut British artist was... Bradley effin' Walsh

2016 is a year that we'll all remember for one unexpected, strange and somewhat disturbing fact. And no, I'm not talking about the death of David Bowie or rise of Donald Trump, I'm talking about the fact TV presenter Bradley Walsh was the best selling British debut artist of the year.

Yes, the guy who presents TV's The Chase topped the year chart with his first record Chasing Dreams. The croon-style collection has sold 111,650 copies since its release by Sony CG in October. This makes it the nation's 7th best-selling LP of the year overall.

Now, aside from the fact this is obviously another 'end of days' moment for the music industry/the Britain we all knew etc. let's look at Bradley Walsh for a second. The man's life has been an absurd line of successes. He's played up front for Brentford as a professional footballer, appeared in a starring role on Coronation Street, presented Wheel of Fortune, The Chase and The One Show, and - at 56 - has just released a debut becoming the best selling debut British artist of 2016.

The guy, simply, is crushing it.

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