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3 men charged with threatening victims in the R Kelly abuse case

3 men charged with threatening victims in the R Kelly abuse case
Near the end of September, R Kelly is set to go on trial in New York, and the long standing claims of sexual abuse against him will be examined in court. At least, that’s what’s supposed to happen, but it looks like R Kelly’s side of the trial are trying to stop this.
Three men with connections to R Kelly have been charged with threatening victims of Kelly’s abuse to stop them testifying in court, specifically “crimes relating to their efforts to harass, intimidate, threaten or corruptly influence individuals named as alleged victims.” One offered said he would release sexually explicit material containing the victim, one set fire to a vehicle outside where a victim was staying, and one offered a half a million dollar bribe.
The New York Attorney in charge explained “The defendants are separately charged with engaging in multiple crimes that were intended to undermine and subvert the integrity of the criminal justice system and victimise the women who have come forward with serious allegations of criminal conduct against the defendant R. Kelly… Efforts to illegally influence pending federal cases, whether through threats of violence, intimidation, damage to property, or payments to buy a potential witness’s silence, will not be tolerated.”

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