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50 Cent thinks Jay Z’s new album is too clever

50 Cent thinks Jay Z’s new album is too clever
Jay Z’s new LP 4:44 has certainly got people talking, or at least people who have Tidal, because Jay Z is trying to leverage his music into his dubious streaming service. But one person who isn’t afraid to criticise is 50 Cent… at least we think he’s criticising, he might just be having a joke at himself. 
Here’s the quote from an Instagram post that has seen vanished from his page: “I listened to Jay shit, that ‘4:44’… I thought the shit was aight. I liked the shit, but I’m gonna keep it 100 – the shit was a little … the shit was too smart. I felt like I was supposed to be wearing like glasses and shit and like a tie, a fucking sweater around my waist. It was like Ivy League shit.”
Not content with looking stupid, he’s fired up some ageism too: “And fuck that – you can’t be the best rapper at 47 because the new n****s is here. They coming with new shit going on.”
Retiring then 50? To somewhere with no books?

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