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80s Classic Makes Comeback

If there was any doubt that the 80s has been fully rehabilitated and is now contributing to culture once more, you only have to look at the case of reality TV show winning choir Only Men Aloud. They want to release a single, and they’ve turned to Bonny Tyler and karaoke favourite Total Eclipse of the Heart. Yes, Bonny Tyler has rerecorded her classic and it’s coming to a download service near you. The song has received a boost in recent years as comedians have used it: the Mighty Boosh have sung it, and who can forget the Dan Band’s classic “I f*****need you more than ever” from Old School? (We’ve seen one karaoke singer told to “stick to the lyrics” while emulating it). But the question remains: how many of you are going to buy it for ‘ironic’ purposes. And surely adding a choir will spoil it?

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