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A Bob Marley musical is coming next year

A Bob Marley musical is coming next year
Next year will be Bob Marley’s 76th birthday, so we have the nagging feeling this whole news story is a year too late really, but next year a Bob Marley themed musical will launch on that birthday.
It will be about the live and wisdom of Marley and feature many of his classic tracks, with a debut of February 6th 2021 at the Lyric Theatre in London. Arinzé Kene will be playing Marley, and here’s what he has to say:  “I feel absolutely honoured to be able to take on this role. It is not only an honour to be able to spread Bob Marley’s message further, but to get to be him for a little while is a lifelong dream come true. I grew up on his music and his mantra and he has been one of my role models since I was a child. I feel as if he’s in my DNA. He’s the man, I love him.”
Lee Hall and Dominic Cooke will be creating it. Tickets go on sale April 21st.

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