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A Supajam Tribute to George A Romero

A Supajam Tribute to George A Romero
Horror legend George A Romero has died, and twitter is awash with jokes about him coming back because he was the director who invented the modern zombie. If that sounds a bold claim, look at the state of zombie folklore before, and then look at it now, and it started with Night of the Living Dead. But we saw someone online, someone rather famous, trying to draw attention away from the zombies and onto other aspects they thought made George a better director.
We’re here to reply, and give our own tribute. You don’t need to look beyond the zombies. And yes, most people turn to Dawn of the Dead as the star of his output, the savaging of commercialised mall culture that’s considered one of the best horror films of all time. But for us, the much more low key Night of the Living Dead has the purer truth.
Watch Night, and look at how many people get killed by zombies, versus how many get killed by the hate, anger, stupidity and flaws of humans, and you’ll see zombies aren’t the main problem. People are the problem. George knew that, and built a film round it.
RIP G. Romero

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