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A new posthumous Lil Peep LP is in the works

A new posthumous Lil Peep LP is in the works
Did we really have to add posthumous in the title? Yes, because someone would have complained. But anyway, Lil Peep’s Instagram account, run by the people in charge of his estate, have revealed new music is coming in a post that’s about as far from, cryptic as you can get:
“Who wants a new album with amazing unreleased Lil Peep music put together by Gus’s mom and the songs’ original collaborators?...You have been asking for this, and I can’t wait to get it to you!”
There’s been gossip about exactly how much unreleased Lil Peep material there is, and if people will ever hear it, but that’s been answered at least. No word on if it’ll continue the Come Over When You’re Sober name.

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