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A note about Pinhead for the moaners: why you're wrong

A note about Pinhead for the moaners: why you're wrong
Yesterday, it was announced that the new version of Hellraiser (produced by original creator Clive Barker), had cast it’s new Pinhead: trans woman and L Word star Jamie Clayton. Some of us cheered, some of us went into moaning bro overdrive.
Now if you’re reading Supajam there’s an above average chance you’re not an arsehole, but in case you don’t know about the property here’s the skinny: in the original story that introduces Pinhead, the character is introduced as genderless but with a female voice. So, this casting is actually more in the spirit of the material than the male in the films.
Also in the comics, and we shall say this without spoiling, there is a female Pinhead.
Clive Barker is also an out gay man and the source material was partly influenced by the UK’s kink scene, and that certainly doesn’t moan about trans women taking one of horror’s most iconic roles.

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