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A record label speaks in defence of Spotify

A record label speaks in defence of Spotify
FiXT is an excellent label run by a genius in Klayton, the man behind Celldweller, Scandroid, Circle of Dust and more. They recently posted an open letter to their fans asking them to support Spotify, and in a world where musicians are queuing up to have a go at the streaming site it needs to be read:
“Let’s talk about Spotify. It takes a lot of criticism in various sectors of the music business community, claiming it pays too little and isn’t sustaining careers for musicians. As an indie label and artist manager I want to let our fans know that FiXT 100% supports streaming, and above all others we prefer Spotify. We are making real money from streaming and it has become our #1 digital revenue source. If you’ve been worried artists aren’t getting paid enough on Spotify, don’t – we want you to have the best music experience and as both a fan of music and as an industry professional, we can’t recommend Spotify enough. If you LOVE our music after following it on Spotify and want to take the experience to the next level, we have a wide range of merchandise available on our official store, from T-Shirts, Hoodies, and Posters to CDs, Cassettes and Vinyl. If you don’t like streaming-only access to the music, we recommend lossless download purchases through our official store (www.fixtstore.com) or Bandcamp store so you can own a copy permanently, but we still recommend Spotify as the best fan experience. Through Spotify you can keep up with new releases, discover our artists, follow our curated playlists and discover new music from other artists and labels through great features like Discover Weekly and Release Radar. We’re passionate about music and love the Spotify experience and want each of our fans to have that best music experience too.
If you have a budget to spend on music, we recommend Spotify Premium ($9.99/month) but if you’re looking for free (ad-supported) access, I BEG you to stop using YouTube and join Spotify’s FREE tier. We make considerably more per stream on Spotify than YouTube and the more you listen on Spotify we are able to reach significantly more people through Spotify’s algorithmic recommendations – which are built up by increased fan engagement.
We truly believe The BEST way to experience the FiXT catalog of releases is on Spotify. The Spotify platform has empowered us to offer the cleanest browsing and discoverability of our catalog compared to any other platform.
Do you remember the last time you discovered a new artist you loved? That’s the feeling we get using Spotify – it opens the world like never before to discover new music. The more you listen to music in Spotify the more it learns what you like and recommends new discoveries to you. In turn, the more you listen to our music on Spotify, it sees that our music is popular among people who listen to other types of music and then recommends FiXT’s music more to Spotify users who have similar interests/tastes. You actually help us by listening to our music and OTHER music on Spotify!
The features that Spotify empowers us to utilize – such as Discover Weekly, Release Radar and editorial Playlist Features, would cost us THOUSANDS of dollars in marketing every month to achieve the results they drive for us, and yet those features are FREE to us, plus we get paid for every listen. It is absolutely a win-win for everyone.
So we ask of you. Join Spotify. Listen to a LOT of music.
Hopefully a lot of FiXT music.”

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