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ABBA would write a Eurovision song for Dua Lipa

ABBA would write a Eurovision song for Dua Lipa
ABBA were launched to international stardom by the Eurovision Song Contest.
The UK absolutely fucking sucks at the Eurovision Song Contest.
Can one of these things help the other?
Yes! ABBA have been promoting their new album, and Benny Andersson was asked about Eurovision by BBC Breakfast. “Picking an act is one thing, writing a song is different. So you need both a great song and a good act,” and when asked if he’d write one for Britain, “Oh, a UK entry? I don’t know.”
Fellow Abba man Bjorn said “it would depend on the artist” and Andersson replied: “But what’s the risk? You can’t be worse than last.”
Dua Lipa was suggested, “Yes,” was the answer.
So how do we crowdfund this or something?

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