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Adele smashes seven shades of shit out of Glastonbury

Adele wins over Glastonbury in style
Bad weather, brexit, bad breath, Adele. It is essentially the most English sentence ever muttered. And admittedly SupaJam was ready to rain bullets of hate down on the nation's favourite crooner. However, Adele professed the love for Chinese takeaways in a time where our national identity has never felt more insecure. 
This is a time where we're steamrolling into the unknown, rolling in the deep, and there's nothing more satisfactory than a woman from Tottenham who only cares about singing, and not much else. 
And so with what must have been 98% of the entire festival gathered around the Pyramid stage (we had friends at both Park and Other and have seen the evidence) Adele stepped out and managed to not only win over the audience with a bunch of dull depressing ballads (her words) but make every person watching feel as though you were her best mate and her songs were some of the best anthems in the known Universe. It's a special gift and should not be underestimated. 
Highlights included first song "Hello" where she mouthed an awestruck "Fuckin' ell" on seeing the crowd, a blinding "Rolling in the Deep" and final number "Someone Like You" prompting a mass singalong and flares being lit. 
No fireworks and only a sporadic confetti burst in one of her 2, yes 2, upbeat numbers. 
As a country we've made an incredible decision that will define lifetimes, and at this current point we must look for positives. And the sight of Adele on stage out of her mind on happiness, is something we needed to feel right there right then.


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