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Adele visits Grenfell Tower families

Adele visits Grenfell Tower families
On Wednesday night and morning, a fire consumed a London tower block at unprecedented speed. Grenfell Tower was home to up to 600 people and had recently been refurbished, but the senior fire officer in the area said she had never seen anything like it in her entire career. Over a dozen people have died, and we’ve kept that figure vague because sadly the recovery operation is finding more. Many more are in hospital.
The community has rallied round, with collections of clothes and equipment coming in from across the country to help people who have lost everything. It almost feels wrong to use this story on what is essentially a media website, but last night something happened.
Adele and her husband went to the area to speak to the families who had been affected and the emergency services who responded. She did so without fanfare, and so far the only pictures are some shaky ones on social media. Indeed, not only did she go to boost morale, she went wearing a abaya to fit in with the culture of many of those in the block. 
This is how you pop star when you’re a decent person.

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