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Alan McGee: Oasis would fuck up a reunion

Alan McGee: Oasis would fuck up a reunion
A lot of people would like an Oasis reunion, and we’re not sure why. Nostalgia is popular, but would seeing Liam, Noel and whatever else they could rope in performing together again really be a good thing for anyone?
Alan McGee doesn’t think so. The man who birthed the band told the Sun Oasis should stay in the past, else they’ll fuck up the legend. “I just hope they don’t spoil the legend, try and recreate and get back together… They’d fuck it up. As long as you don’t do that, then they are legends forever. So let’s leave it legendary.”
Speaking of a reunion: “I can’t see it. They are just in different places. It’s always moment in time. You can’t keep going back to try and be 21 again. You have got to move on, you know.”
For once, we agree with McGee.

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