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Alan Partridge is going to spoof the One Show

Alan Partridge is going to spoof the One Show
BBC 1’s The One Show is pretty awful, with an imbecilic Matt Baker presenting snapshot recorded pieces about literally any old shit that doesn’t match and attempting to help a confused guest plug their stuff. Now the One Show is going to be spoofed by a master…
Because when Alan Partridge returns on This Time With Alan Partridge, he will be hosting ‘This Time’ a show whose description is exactly that of the One Show.
As the BBC explained “This Time is the perfect shop window for a man of Alan’s gravitas and will, or should, see him finally recognised as one of the heavyweight broadcasters of his era… The show itself is a heady mix of consumer affairs, current affairs, viewer interaction, highbrow interview and lightweight froth; very much the sweet spots for a man whose CV boasts over two decades of weekday local radio. And with an array of diverse subjects on the agenda, it promises the perfect fit for a man whose broadcasting style has been described as ‘equidistant between chitchat and analysis.”
Add in the fact that Partridge is going to be teasing Brexit, this has the makings of continuing a form that never dipped.

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