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Albarn offers to write you a Song. If you're rich.

Albarn offers to write you a Song. If you’re rich.
The brains behind Britain’s Glastonbury Festival have long supported charity efforts, so it’s no surprise they’ve organised relief for the Haiti earthquake. It’s a set of auctions on ebay with things like an Arctic Monkeys guitar, a Coldplay jacket, the Magic Numbers playing in your Garden (remember them) and, most intriguingly, a song to be written by Damon Albarn specially for the winner.

The auction states "The successful bidder will own a recording of a composition especially written performed and recorded by Damon Albarn for their exclusive personal use (subject to terms and conditions). The winning bidder will need to sign a contract before receiving this piece of music." Now, don’t get too excited about this, because at the time of writing bidding stands at £5,100, which means approximately 99.9% of you (and us) can’t afford it. Still, the intentions are good.

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