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Albarn to work with Watchman’s Moore on Opera

Damon Albarn is one talented mother, fronting Blur, being behind Gorillaz, and writing a musical (to say nothing of The Good, the Bad and the Queen and all his other stuff). Alan Moore, creator of genre defining comic Watchmen and a host of other excellent work, is a genius. Put the two together, add in Gorillaz co-creator and comic book artist Jamie Hewlett and what do you have? Apparently the lord of all indie operas. Yes, we said opera. When Moore was speaking to Mustardweb.org about a forthcoming comic, he explained how Albarn and Hewlett had been down to visit him because they’re “planning for me to do the libretto on their next opera project." Wow. Oh, and Gorillaz might appear in a Moore comic, and I suppose we should mention its name seeing as Moore was talking about it: Dodgem Logic.

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