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Alice Cooper: rock stars shouldn’t tell people who to vote for

Alice Cooper: rock stars shouldn’t tell people who to vote for
In the recent UK and US elections, musicians of all stripes got involved by telling their fans who they should vote for, and music ‘journalism’ followed suit. One man who won’t be doing that is Alice Cooper, and he’s got some strong words on the matter. Ironically he was talking to NME, a paper that spent considerable effort telling people to vote for Jeremy Corbyn, so they must have been embarrassed. Anyway, on to Alice:
“I hate politics with a passion,” Cooper said to NME. “I know people incorporate politics into rock n’ roll – and I think that the antithesis of rock n’ roll is politics. That would be like me singing the Dow Jones report. When my parents would talk about politics I’d go into my room and put The Yardbirds on as loud as I could, because I couldn’t care less about it. And now politics and rock n’ roll are in bed together.”
And this is where it gets sharp: “I don’t know if it’s fair for a rock star to tell his fans for who he’s voting for. I just don’t think that’s fair, because he’s using his popularity. What he’s saying is that his audiences are sheep and they don’t have a brain of their own, so I refuse to do that.”
In the UK we have the NHS for that burn.

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