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Alison Mosshart is not coping well under Trump

Alison Mosshart is not coping well under Trump
Alison Mosshart has always come across as a strong person, so its alarming to read an NME chat with her where the Donald Trump horror show seems to have affected her so badly. Asked about events in the world, she explains:
“At this point, it’s more of a mode of survival to find your dear things in life and hold onto them, or create them and give them to people, because we need it so badly right now… It’s a super scary time. Really, I’m kind of glad I’m here for it because I feel like I can handle it and get through to the other side. I want to get to the other side, I want to see that happen, and it’s really bad. I’m a positive and hopeful person, so I’m gonna put that shit to the test.”
So what does that mean for her as a musician? “…you can’t just go onto the most negative and dark places and stop working… It’s a little bit harder to nourish positive ideas when you’re being bombarded with terrible ones, but that’s the job, and that’s the challenge, and I’m up for it. Nobody gets to quit right now at all.” Sounds like she's been in a really bad place.
But she’s not just complaining, because she has words and encouragement for what creative people, all people, need to do right now: “Everyone is becoming more aware of how disheartened half the country is, and I feel like it’s my fault as much as it is anyone else’s fault, that didn’t notice how divided we became. So if there’s anything to do it’s to try to understand how that happened and never let that happen again. Help people out.”

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