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Amigo the Devil Makes Bingo Evil: Eviler?

Amigo the Devil Makes Bingo Evil: Eviler?
Amigo the Devil ranks among the best of the dark country / murderfolk singers, with a life of pain and a voice able to roar into your soul. He’s got lots of songs about addictions, deaths and now he’s added the most terrible of them all: Bingo.
Yes, the game of Bingo.
We’re not joking, as he’s turned the language of murderfolk into a description of going down to a Bingo hall and playing along. Bizarrely, it’s fantastic and I suppose we shouldn’t be ashamed but it’s a curveball all right. Murder At the Bingo Hall will appear on new LP ‘Born Against’, and we’re incredibly excited that’s coming very soon: 16th April 2021. 

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