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Anarbor drummer takes own life aged just 17

Anarbor drummer takes own life aged just 17
America’s Anarbor have announced that their drummer, Tyler Hedstrom, has taken his own life. He had joined them this year and was aged just 17. The shell shocked group have released a statement:
“Tyler was 17, a gifted and magnificent musician and an inspiration to all of us. He was changing how we approached our live show, how we approached music and most of all how we approached people. You made us a better band, you made all of us better people.”
“Tyler, we miss you, everyone does, you became part of another family when you joined the band, a music family that stretches across the world, and we are all here for you. You don’t know this yet, but you’re helping so many people right now with your story, it’s invaluable the effect you had on us, your family and people around you, and this won’t stop, you’re here forever with us.”
A Go Fund Me has been started for funeral expenses.

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