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Andy Bell wants an Oasis reunion

Nostalgia isn't dead.

Noel Gallagher doesn’t seem to have any interest in an Oasis reunion. Liam Gallagher certainly doesn’t seem to, but there’s one lone voice in the two bands calling for them to get back together and make those millions: Andy Bell. Yunno, one of the guys who'd get paid.

Yes, the former Ride man has been talking to Drowned in Sound, and he’s adamant the Gallagher’s should reunite: “I'd love it to happen. I think that life's too short for it not to happen. But, in reality, do I see it happening? At this point, no I don't. The matter rests entirely with the two brothers. It probably should happen at some point but if they can't make it happen, no one should force them to.”

And if you’re wondering, he didn’t rule out a Ride reunion either.

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