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Angry employees complain as supermarket switches to playing unsigned music only

Angry employees complain as supermarket switches to playing unsigned music only

In an effort to support unsigned music, and probably save a bit of cash, the Cooperative has launched a radio unsigned artists initiative. Employees are far from happy, describing it is "diabolical", and saying that even "hipsters wouldn't listen to it".

"The new cooperative radio unsigned artists initiative is absolutely diabolical," one employee posted to The Co-Op Employees' page. "More so for staff than customers. People want familiarity and songs they know, not to mention the staff who are subjected to these songs on a loop on a daily basis."

"Think I need to invest in a pair of earplugs for my next shift, co-op radio is sooo bad! even customers were commenting on it, id rather not listen to anything its actually soul destroying " Another worker said.

They have signed a deal with licensing agency Emerge, a company that supplies music from unsigned artists to businesses including Argos and Sports Direct. The deal is estimated to be cost half as much as playing music by artists with a record deal.

"Shops normally have to pay a public performance licence to play well-known music, but the artists we represent are emerging artists and we create a direct licence between the business and the artist," Gideon Chain of Emerge has said, before adding "we then supply their music to the businesses, which is about 50 per cent cheaper than if they wanted to pay mainstream artists,"

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