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Anna Calvi has written the score of Peaky Blinders Season 5

Anna Calvi has written the score of Peaky Blinders Season 5
Well this has come as a total surprise to us. Period crime drama Peaky Blinders begins Season 5 soon (tonight if you’re going to the premiere), and it’s always been famous for its music. But now it’s been announced that Anna Calvi has written a complete score for it.
Yes, that Anna Calvi.
Here’s some choice quotes from her chat with NME about how and how: “It’s exciting. It’s been hard to not talk about it… It’s incredible to be part of something like this. It’s a whole new thing for me, but it felt completely natural. Bizarrely, I feel like I can really relate to the characters. It was a really good fit…I’ve always loved the show – everything about the way that they dress, the music that they feature, how strong the characters are and how filmic it is. It’s just much better than most things you see on TV.”
But how would you describe that Anna? “I took a lot of inspiration from Westerns, because I do see Peaky Blinders as a Western set in Birmingham.”
Nice, and any ill effects? “It’s been really interesting to write as if I was Tommy and really believe in this character. I really got lost in that, as if he was real… When you’re writing a soundtrack, you’re watching something all day. I was dreaming about Peaky Blinders and got completely obsessed. That’s how it should be.”
Oh boy.

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