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Announcing the first Supajam headliner for Black Deer Festival 2019

Announcing the first Supajam headliner for Black Deer Festival 2019
As regular readers will know, Supajam run an educational program for young people starting a career in the music industry, and their hands-on experience includes curating a stage at the Black Deer Festival. This award-winning show majors in Americana, but isn’t just music: there’s food, clothes and the whole classic US culture of the south. Well, it’s time to announce who’s headlining the Supajam stage.
Drum roll please.
Now we know the best way to introduce a singer is with their songs, so rather than turning into Wikipedia we’ve included some of her videos. From the angry Uh Huh, to the more reflective Lottery, and showing Dua Lipa how it should be done on a cover of New Rules, Jade is a rising star and her appearance at Black Deer will be one of the ‘I was there’ moments of the festival.
She was born in Britain just twenty-one years ago, and released a debut EP in 2017 called Something American, with a series of singles over 2018. She’s toured the US, impressed in Germany, and is coming your way soon with her wonderful melting pot of sound.
Here’s where you go for tickets: https://blackdeerfestival.com/tickets/

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