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Another Ten Years of Hendrix

You don’t have to be a chin stroking Mojo reader to appreciate the skills and music of Jimi Hendrix, probably the greatest rock guitarist (ever!). Fans should rejoice, as there’s going to be new material for at least the next ten years. Janie Hendrix, his sister and head of the firms which deal with his legacy, has announced that they’ve got enough unreleased and live material to do a release every twelve to eighteen months for the next decade. Where’s it all come from? "Jimi was a workaholic. After Electric Lady studios was built he was able to record constantly for as many hours as he wanted to. It's almost as if he knew he had only four years to accomplish everything that he did.” Janie said in a statement publicizing a new range of Hendrix guitars, “We have an amazing amount of original masters, including a lot of material that hasn't been previously released." Fantastic.

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