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Anthony Keidis 'doesn’t judge' Chris Cornell for his suicide

Anthony Keidis 'doesn’t judge' Chris Cornell for his suicide
People are quick to judge and condemn, but one of those who isn’t is Anthony Keidis of Red Hot Chilli Peppers.  He knew Chris Cornell, and has spoken to SONiC about their relationship and how he feels following Cornell’s recent suicide. As a man who’s known pain himself, Keidis is very even handed and shows great humility.
“He is of our generation, so he’s someone I’ve been conscience of I guess since the mid 80’s,” said Keidis. “You never expect a contemporary who is alive and well and still playing to suddenly check out like that. I can’t say I took him for granted, but it was kind of shocking. We have a relationship with him and the rest of Soundgarden, because we went on tour with them in 1992 on Lollapalooza. They were just a bunch of sweethearts, and we got to see them constantly.”
Indeed: “It was nice to see them back together, and crushing to know that he was in a painful place in his mind to the point where he could want to take his own life. And I don’t judge him for that, because I don’t know that kind of pain. Obviously it has to be overwhelming in order to want to leave. Bless his family, he left the world a better place.”

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