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Apple are reportedly going to end music downloads in favour of streaming

Apple are reportedly going to end music downloads in favour of streaming
Digital Music News have been speaking to their sources at Apple, and we mean off the record, no email type speaking. While Apple have officially denied what we’re about to repeat, DMN have been told the hardware giant are planning to stop selling downloads of music in the next couple of years and migrate everything over to their Apple streaming service instead. Yunno, the one that’s trailing very far behind Spotify.
Here’s some specifics from their report
“The phase-out strategy also includes a clever transition towards Apple Music… the company would migrate a user’s iTunes download collection towards a brand-new Apple Music account. Then, as part of a three-month transitionary trial account, a user’s entire collection would be migrated into streaming equivalents.  All previous playlists and details would also be translated. Downloads unavailable as streams would be grayed out, pending future licensing.  “But you can always go back and listen to the downloads, they always will work,” another source noted.  Over time, “more stuff becomes licensed” and the grayed out collection becomes de minimis. But the key difference is that users won’t have access to purchase music downloads within the iTunes Store.  “That road will be closed,” the source noted.
Given Apple’s massive role in the growth of music downloads, this is ominous for Apple users who like to buy music or listen offline. 

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