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Arcade Fire Post up new album trailer

Arcade Fire Post up new album trailer

First they gave us 15 seconds now they give us 45 seconds - Those Arcade Fire kids really know how to spoil us. With this amount of prick-teasing the album had better be good - They have a 100% strike rate so far so the odds are defintely in their favour.

Yesterday the band gave away a few more details of their album in a brand new trailer that finshes just as Winn is about to take to the microphone.

All, it seems, will be revealed at 9pm on the 9th September - so that's a 9/9/9 then.Nice.

Whether or not they will be releasing a single then or doing a Radiohead "In Rainbows" anouncment of an imediate album release remains to be seen.

What's looking positive is they have already confirmed their first live dates of next year in Australia in January so they should be hitting the US in time for Coachella and Europe for Glasto.

Check out the teaser trailer titled "Reflektor 9/9/9" below - We're already counting down the hours till 9/9/9


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