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Arcade Fire are doing something weirdly annoying

Arcade Fire are doing something weirdly annoying
There’s probably going to be an Arcade Fire album out this year. We’re only guessing, but what makes us say probably is not only did they release a new song on vinyl at Primavera Sound (streams are on the web but there’s no point linking as they keep changing), but they’re doing… something.
So, if you go to Arcade Fire’s website you find yourself directed to what almost inevitably isn’t a live stream from Death Valley, but that’s what it’s pretending to be. Given that the live sometimes says ‘lie’, this is bound to be a stunt of some sort, perhaps filmed a while ago, and the fucking annoying thing is we dare not look away in case the band start a gig or something in the next hour. Or two. Or three.
So Arcade Fire fans, fire up a spare window and leave it just visible, because who knows what the fuck they’re up to. We just assume there’s going to be some more music at the end of it. 

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