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Arctic Monkeys to start on 5th album?

Rumours abound that Arctic Monkeys are heading into the studio to record album number 5

Rumours are flying across Twitter (yeah, that most reliable of sources) that the 'Monkeys are heading into the studio to start recording album number 5. With #arcticmonkeys5thalbum trending harder than a Kate Middleton/ Chris Brown sex tape, fans are clamouring for information. The source of the rumour is fan account ArcticMonkeysUS, who claimed that the band are set to enter the Joshua Tree studio - the same studio they recorded a chunk of 2009's Humbug in. Addressing sceptics, ArcticMonkeysUS pointed to their track record for being on point with information:

"info comes from the top. I won' lose sleep if u dont believe it but you cant speak to my credibility. When have i been wrong?"

Alex Turner has been telling press this year that their next album is going to be a heavier work in the vein of last single R U Mine - he also told Artrocker magazine that it would most likely be recorded in Sheffield, as opposed to 2011s Suck It And See album where the songs were written across continents:

“It would be nice to record in Sheffield, which we haven't done for a while. I was living in New York, and the other chaps were on either side of a large body of water [for Suck It And See] - I wrote a lot on acoustic guitar in the flat.
“Then we went and applied to it what we thought they needed, which is not really a way that we worked before. Mostly it's the just the four of us hashing it out in a rehearsal space, but those kind of songs were in the minority on the last record due to circumstance really.”

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