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Ariana Grande sued for posting photo: of herself

Ariana Grande sued for posting photo: of herself
So imagine the situation. You are international pop megastar Ariana Grande, and as part of the promotion for your new LP Sweetener, you put on your social media a photo of you holding a bag saying Sweetener. It becomes a popular post, and helps you shift a huge numbers of copies.
And then you get sued.
Yes, here’s the thing: the photo was taken by a paparazzi, Robert Barbera, and although it features Ariana there was no permission given to use it. So Barbera is suing for a chunk of the wedge Ariana made from using it, even though it was just her walking out of a building without her permission in the first place. 
We know the law is on the pap’s side, but how galling is that for the pop star?

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