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Ash return with some self-professed fun

Ash return with some self-professed fun
Ash are returning to the public eye with a new album called Islands, that’ll be out May 18th. The first single from it is Buzzkill, and the band have a few things to say about it:
“The day I wrote ‘Buzzkill’, it took me a while to stop laughing cos it’s so fun, dumb and full of unnecessary swearing. We used to know a band called Buzzkill in Belfast in the 90s and I think their name has been in my mind for all that time wanting to get into a song…
…Having seen The Undertones playing a couple of times recently I was guiltily thinking how much the backing vocals I’d written for ‘Buzzkill’ were mimicking their style. So I thought it would only be right to ask Damien and Mickey to sing on it and we were honoured when that they said yes, despite all the filthy cussing. It’s a fun song and will hopefully ignite a few mosh-pits for us this year.”

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