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BBC Three gets Ofcom approval: will be a TV channel again

BBC Three gets Ofcom approval: will be a TV channel again
Six years ago, the BBC streamlined it’s offering by axing BBC 3. Given that this was the channel for new ideas, youth programming and a general younger audience, the Beeb explained how ‘the kids’ didn’t watch old TV anymore, they just streamed online, so BBC 3 would stream online.
Cut to know, and the online BBC 3 has had a series of huge hits which were shown on the old TV channels, the main onse being Killing Eve and Normal People… and the BBC is reinstating BBC Three as a terrestrial TV channel.
However, they don’t get to make this decision alone, as Ofcom (a media regulator) need to approve: and they just have. The BBC have promised to double the current budget.
 Why a need to approve? “Our job is to ensure that any change the BBC wishes to make to its publicly funded TV, radio and online services does not give it an unfair advantage over rival broadcasters,2 Ofcom explained, “Having conducted a detailed analysis of the BBC’s proposal, we have provisionally concluded that the public value of BBC Three returning as a broadcast channel justifies the limited adverse market impact.”

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