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BBC sign Glastonbury for another 5 years

BBC sign Glastonbury for another 5 years
Let’s be honest, even though Glastonbury is Britain’s premier festival not everyone who wants to go can, and over the years many have come to rely on the BBC’s coverage. Some of us remember the years of praying for a glimpse of the band you like late on BBC 2, and now you can stream whole sets whenever you want. Superb stuff Beeb, don’t let the government privatise you.
Well good news, the BBC have inked a new deal and will be covering Glastonbury for another five years at least, when there probably won’t be a BBC and the new Fox owned version will insert adverts in the middle of Creeper’s headline set. 
Emily Eavis is ready with a quote: “We have worked closely with a fantastic team at the BBC since 1997, it has become an integral part of what we do at Glastonbury. Together we have created something really special – two decades of historic live broadcast from many of the biggest names in contemporary music… We are all very excited to look ahead to another five Glastonburys alongside the much-treasured BBC.”

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