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BBC start unveiling names for their Biggest Weekend’ festival

BBC start unveiling names for their ‘Biggest Weekend’ festival
The BBC have a Glastonbury shaped hole in their arts output, so they’re filling it by holding their own event. However, ‘The Biggest Weekend’ isn’t limited to one site, as there will be festivals in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland all at the same time, on the weekend of May 25th to 28th, a Bank Holiday.
So who’s playing? Details are being drip fed, but Swansea have Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift, Perth have Noel Gallagher, Belfast has Beck and Manic Street Preachers.
Oh, Coventry have been given Snow Patrol. We assume some big names will be going there when it’s all revealed.
Tickets are on sale February 12th at £18 plus booking fees.

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