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BBC to replace Glastonbury and Eurovision with retrospectives

BBC to replace Glastonbury and Eurovision with retrospectives
Sadly, 2020 won’t see either the Eurovision Song Contest, or Glastonbury Festival, as we’re dealing with defining event of an era. This leaves a huge hole in the BBC schedules, so they’ve come out with two replacements, and they look like retrospective documentaries.
May 16th will see ‘Eurovision: Come Together’, which could have been a forensic examination of why we’re so rubbish at it now, but is instead: “BBC One and Graham Norton bring the country together for a special Eurovision broadcast – Eurovision: Come Together. Produced by BBC Studios the show will feature classic Eurovision performances, a look at what would have been in 2020 and entertaining interviews, including this year’s UK entry James Newman.”
Meanwhile Glastonbury’s hole is being filled, on multiple channels, by the ‘Glastonbury Experience’, which sounds like a nice way to say massive repeats: We will bring the nation together and create a weekend of the best in music across radio, television and online with amazing performances for you to enjoy in the comfort of your home. 
All of which is fair enough.

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