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BBC trying to make Planet Earth 3 before David Attenborough turns 100

BBC trying to make Planet Earth 3 before David Attenborough turns 100

With the second series of Planet Earth having just aired its final episode, it's fair to say that it's been a soaring success. With ridiculously high viewing figures and massive interest with a younger audience, it's not surprising to hear that people are already screaing for Planet Earth 3.

However, the series took four years to produce and - with Attenborough aged 90 at the moment - the BBC are rumoured to want another series by he turns 100.

The BBC would be “crazy” to rule out making another series, BBC producer Mike Gunton told the Star, but they would “also be crazy to say it will be here in three years or even five years’ time."

“We love working with Sir David and I think he loves working with us, and we want that to last as long as possible,” he said.

“When he decides he doesn’t want to do any more, we will have to rethink how we make these programmes,” Gunton continued. “You can’t replace him – it’s pointless trying.”

“I am very excited to once again be working with the Natural History Unit on its latest landmark series and am especially looking forward to getting out on location in the next month or so,” said Attenborough as Planet Earth 2 was announced.

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