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BBC’s News At Ten shows up what the apocalypse looks like

BBC’s News At Ten shows up what the apocalypse looks like
On Tuesday night, BBC’s flagship news programme gave us a look into a version of the apocalypse, a perfect BBC version of it. Is there anything more Beeb to show us our impending doom than four minutes of a nervous Hew Edwards sat in nervous silence? Has all news been stopped? Are the army in the studio? The possibilities!
Yes, this happened. Due to a technical fuck up, a completely silent News at Ten was broadcast for four minutes, and due to newsreader Hew Stephens’ gut feeling that he was on air he politely sat there, did some doodling, and otherwise didn’t embarrass himself by looking at porn or anything.
But, ultimately, it was creepily amazing, like watching that Arcade Fire video of the desert but with the added threat of death.

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