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Baby Metal are playing Glastonbury

Baby Metal are playing Glastonbury
Glastonbury unveiled the ‘as full a line up as we’re getting before all the surprises at the time’, and there’s a couple of interesting addition. Front and centre is the news that Baby Metal will be confusing the hell out of people on The Other Stage at 2.35 on Sunday.
If you want something a little bit more traditional, indie mainstays The Courteeners will be playing Saturday evening on the other stage, whereas if you’re ever so slightly insane you might want to spend 11.45 am at The Pyramid Stage on Saturday listening to the Proclaimers, but please don’t spend the next forty eight hours singing 500 Miles, you will get pelted with mud.
Mac DeMarco will be bringing his slacker vibes on Friday, and Bring Me The Horizon will be waking you up right after Baby Metal.

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