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Band Focus: Pregoblin

Band Focus: Pregoblin
Pregoblin could just as easily be the name of a masked-up metal band, and to be honest we’re not sure how many people clicked through to this. In fact, it’s mainly a duo of Alex Sebley (one time associate of Fat White Family) and Jessica Winters. Sebley takes a medication called Pregabalin which is both a wonderful aid to some illnesses and trippily addictive (because we can’t have nice things), and that’s where the name came from.
They’ve released a number of songs, but the one which grabbed us is ‘Gangsters’, a brilliant merging of western movie soundtrack and the edge of modern urban disaster which asks the eternal question: why struggle all your life to stay out of debt, when some people get rich nicking stuff. All with the vibe that the posse are about to hang you.
Albums are en route.

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